Shipping policy

Processing Time

We require 3-5 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) for processing your item to be shipped.

Delivery Estimates are based on two factors; order processing time and time in transit. Items in stock will be shipped once the item is located, your payment is confirmed, and the shipping address is verified. For most orders, this process begins once your online order has been submitted. Depending on the time of day you place your order, the order process might not start until the following business day. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding United States federal holidays. During peak periods you may experience longer than average order processing time due to holiday shipping delays.

Our responsibility for loss or damage to your order ends once it reaches the shipping address safely. We will not provide a replacement for any items or packages delivered to you. You should refuse any items or packages that arrive damaged. Any items lost after delivery to you will be your responsibility.

Please note that items shipped from the United States into Canada, Mexico, and United Kingdom may require additional delivery time because of increased security at border crossing points. 

Shipping & handling charges — which include taxes, duties and brokerage fees where applicable — will automatically be added to your total during checkout.

Issues Regarding Shipping Company

We only issue refunds if it is an error on our part (i.e. if we ship to the wrong mailing address other than what you provided). If we ship to the correct mailing address and status is reflected as delivered we do not refund or acknowledge disputes. We do not take liability if claims are made of non delivery because of errors on the shipping companies part. We can only replace lost shipment at this time. *We do not cover items that have been verified by the shipping agent as "delivered".*