Wood  Therapy Roller
Wood  Therapy Roller
Wood  Therapy Roller
Wood  Therapy Roller

Wood Therapy Roller

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  • 【Feel The Effect】: TRY IT TODAY FOR RELIEF TODAY ! Just a few minutes of Using the Wood Therapy Massage Tool Daily, Breaks Up the Deep Cellulite, Reductions of toxins in the Lymphatic System and Cellulite, Restructure Fat, Provides a Toned Skin Look and Feel.
  • 【CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE】: ✔️It Really Breaks Up Fascia and Muscle Adhesions; ✔️Definitely Relieving The Pain of Thin Skin and Swollen Lymph Nodes; ✔️Overall Tightening My Skin. YES ! We are Confident in the Design and Easy Use of Our Product.
  • 【BRIGHT SPOT】: Made of High-quality 100% Natural Wood, The Surface is Smooth, Without burrs, and will not Scratch the Skin. The Metal Rod in the Middle has High Strength, Good Toughness, and is not Easy to Bend, So that the Massage Ball Rolls Smoothly.
  • 【APPLICATION】: Use Cellulite Oil for Best Results Helps Break Down Fat, Help Improve Blood Circulation, Suitable for Massage Therapy Center, Athletes, Coaches, Sports athletes, Dancers to Perform a Perfect Warm-Up. Essential Equipment for Any Professional Masseuse, Therapist.
  • 【PERFECT WOODEN TOOLS】 - Stimulates The Lymphatic Drainage, Can be Used to Expel the Reconstruction of Residual toxins and FAT, Improving the flow of Blood and Lymph throughout the Body. Release Muscle Tension, Eliminate Fatigue.

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