Luxe Beauty & Body Co. Revolutionizes the U.S. Beauty Industry

Sacramento, CA – Luxe Beauty & Body Co., a Sacramento-based company, is transforming the beauty industry across the United States with its inclusive and accessible approach to beauty education and services. 

Founded by entrepreneur Shara Gabaldon in 2019, Luxe Beauty & Body Co. emerged from Shara’s quest for a specific lip service, the hyaluron pen, which she struggled to find. Recognizing a significant opportunity, Shara launched Luxe as a service provider before transforming it into an educational hub for beauty professionals. 

Since its launch, Luxe has made an international impact by supporting over 23,000 people, selling over 55,000 courses, and making over $8 million in sales. It currently offers more than 20 online and in-person courses for beauty professionals. 

Luxe’s business model is different from the often challenging and less accessible beauty training programs available today. Its focus is on ensuring that anyone who wants to change their life by entering the beauty industry can do so, regardless of race, gender, financial situation, and so forth. 

Luxe’s courses are affordable and available online, provide ongoing support, come with lifetime access, and offer globally recognized certifications. Because of Luxe, beauty professionals don’t have to choose between commitments and following their dreams. 

“I have been a wife and a single mother, working two jobs and trying to make it as a service provider in the beauty industry,” said Founder and CEO Shara Gabaldon. “My business model is available to someone who can purchase $3,000 worth to someone who saves all their money to buy one $99 course. Some people I help can focus on their business full-time, while others have school, jobs, and family needs.” 

What is shared among the students is that they have seen significant business growth, sometimes from adding just one course. For example, businesses beginning to offer the virally popular Japanese scalp massage have led to appointments being booked solid for months by people who need the self-care and relief treatment.

Above and beyond her beauty industry expertise, Gabaldon inspires beauty professionals with her journey of resilience and hope. She is launching a new nonprofit organization, JORDAN (Joining Our Resources, Driving Awareness Nationwide) to honor her son who tragically took his own life, and promote mental health awareness. She is a survivor of domestic violence and gives back to other survivors as an author. She almost lost her life in 2021 from COVID-19. 

Luxe’s innovative approach to beauty education and Gabaldon’s inspiring story will be featured in an upcoming season of "The Blox" on Amazon Prime. 

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