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  • 2024 Fastest Growing Companies

    Sacramento Business Journal

    Sacramento Business Journal honors a list of Sacramento's fastest-growing companies of 2024, including Luxe Beauty and Body Co., recognized for their rapid business growth.

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  • Dare to Dream: Entrepreneurship runs on resiliency

    Comstock's Magazine

    Shara Gabaldon, featured for her resilience, is the founder and CEO of Luxe Beauty and Body Co., and she overcame a severe COVID-19 illness and personal tragedy to build a successful business coaching and mentoring beauty service providers.

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  • Glow Up Your Beauty Business: Expert Guidance with Shara Gabaldon

    Socially Paid Podcast

    Step into the glittering world of beauty entrepreneurship with Shara Gabaldon, the Beauty Business Coach extraordinaire! With over 25 years of industry experience, Shara is here to spill the tea on how to make it big in the beauty biz.

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  • Shara Gabaldon On The Top 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Coaching

    Authority Magazine

    The coaching industry is undergoing a significant transformation due to emerging trends such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence integration, mental health focus, and growing coaching cultures.

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  • We Asked Industry Insiders Exactly Why Beauty Prices Are Rising So Much

    Live That Glow

    If you partake in the beauty industry, even on a tangential level, you’ll have noticed a rapid uptick in prices in recent months.

    And it’s not just in one sphere – prices seem to be rising exponentially across the board, often anywhere from around 10% upwards.

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  • Luxe Beauty & Body Co. Brings Viral Japanese Scalp Massage to the U.S.

    Sacramento, CA - Luxe Beauty & Body Co., a business revolutionizing the beauty industry, is bringing the sought-after Japanese scalp massage to the United States.

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  • Luxe Beauty & Body Co. Revolutionizes the U.S. Beauty Industry

    Sacramento, CA – Luxe Beauty & Body Co., a Sacramento-based company, is transforming the beauty industry across the United States with its inclusive and accessible approach to beauty education and services.

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