Tooth Gems

tooth gem

1st Swarovski - $25; 2nd Swarovski $45; 3rd Swarovski $65; 4th Swarovski $85

 Swarovski Shimmer Effects crystals create a heightened sensory experience, like the  Northern Lights that inspired them. Each crystal shimmers with three shades of a single color that cast wave-like ripples of softly changing light reflections, accentuating every movement of the body. With a subtle coating that throws off a rainbow of multicolored refractions, Shimmer Effects are perfect.

We typically only have clear and colored Swarovski crystals in stock. The size of each gem ranges from 1.9mm to 2.5mm. Any other gems, designs not currently in stock or custom-orders available upon request.


Currently in stock:
Crystal Aurore Boreale size 5, 7, 9
Crystal Rose Gold size 7
Crystal Paradise Shine size 7

Luxe Beauty & Body Co Gold Tooth Gems are manufactured from only the finest 18k yellow gold. They will not tarnish or discolor in the mouth. All gems have a flat back surface making it possible to safely bond the gem to your tooth. The size of each gem ranges from 1.90 mm to 3.00 mm.

Style 1 $110:
Middle Finder
Harley Davidson

Style 2 $105:
Gucci Drip
Playboy Bunny
Nike Swoosh

Style 3 $100:
Lightning Bolt

Are tooth gems for men or women?

Both; There are many different designs that appeal to men or women.

How old do I have to be to get a tooth gem?

We apply gems to those over the age of 18. Under 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and sign written consent.

How does the gem sparkle?

Our tooth gems are made by Swarovski® and considered to produce the finest precision-cut crystals in the world. Their crystals are polished to the highest standards of quality; they sparkle like diamonds. They are stain-resistant and have a flat platinum surface on the back.

Does the application procedure hurt and how long does it take?

No pain at all. The procedure is similar to placing an orthodontic bracket (braces) on a tooth. There is no drilling involved and the procedure is completely painless. The entire procedure takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Will I feel the gem on my tooth?

Our gems are very small in diameter (2-5 mm). Initially, you will feel something on your tooth, however you will get used to the feeling within a few days.

How do I care for my new gem?

  • Don’t touch or play with the gem.

  • You can drink water, however don't eat for a minimum of 2 hours.

    • After 2 hours, eat soft foods for 24 hours. This will ensure the bond is secure.

  • Don't brush your teeth for at least 12 hours.

  • Don't use an electric toothbrush for at least 48.

Will the tooth gem harm my tooth?

When properly placed on a natural tooth, it will not damage or harm your tooth in any way. With that being said, gems can only be placed on natural enamel. They will not adhere to implants, veneers or dentures

Does the tooth gem obstruct regular brushing?

No, the presence of the gem should not make any difference in your daily dental hygiene. It is critical to maintain proper dental hygiene as recommended by your dentist.

Can I still have my teeth cleaned?

Yes. You can, and should, still have your teeth cleaned every 6 months by a dental professional. Our tooth gems will not cause a problem for the hygienist cleaning your teeth. The area underneath the gem is sealed like a filling and will not let any bacteria in. The hygienist can easily polish on top and around the gem.  

How long will the gem stay on my tooth?

The lifespan of your gem is never guaranteed; there are many variables that affect it, particularly your dental hygiene and eating habits. Tooth gems typically last a minimum of 6 months, however they can last a lot longer with proper care.

How do I remove the gem when I no longer want it?

If you choose to part ways with your tooth gem before it naturally comes off, a dental professional can easily remove it. The tooth will be buffed and polished to remove any remaining bonding material.

What if the gem falls off and I swallow it?

Our gems have no sharp edges and are so small that they’re easy to swallow; you probably won't even feel it. They will come out “the natural way.” In no way is this dangerous or cause for concern.