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Great Training

This course was pretty easy. Can work at your own pace. I think it's about 4-5 hours woth all the reading, maybe less . Did my 1st session yesterday and submitted my pre/post treatment and just earned my certificate!!!


Coarse is great, very informative. I give it a 10!

Not worth the money

The pen is not strong enough. You waste like 75% of the product before it starts going inside the skin. As for the dissolver, I didn't see any difference

Not worth the money

The pen is not strong enough. You waste like 75% of the product before it starts going inside the skin. As for the dissolver, I didn't see any difference.

Does not come with gems

I ordered the tooth gem starter pack. I thought it would come with everything you need to get started. But unfortunately it does not come with the gems. So make sure you buy them separately.

Hyaluron Pen Training
Michele Shedd
Hyaluron Pen Training

I wish it was more explanatory. I am already certified in Hyaluron Pen Basic and Advanced with another local company that I was able to train one on one with. Yours was only a supplement. I asked a ? About tear troughs and was given an inconclusive answer? It was covered in your training but no answer when I emailed this question??? Not real happy with the training!

I really like the classes I want to learn as much as I can. Thanks for having the online classes

Great and effective training

One request. I would love to of seen a full version of massage not in parts

Wood Therapy Training
Ashley McKissack
Absolutely useless

I doubt anyone will ever see this because it’s a negative review but I just found absolutely no value in it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I could have learned any and all of that even better through YouTube. I’m not even going to waste the paper to print out a certificate of completion. Maybe it just didn’t cater to my learning style but it’s a lot of reading. No kind of video with examples of techniques or anything like that.

Tooth Gem Training
tiffany salazar
Tooth-Gem training

Such an easy follow-through. Great way to learn a new hobby or gig and to roll with it as soon as the info has been absorbed. I don't regret it at all. On your own pace too>>>>


Great content information, allowing me to expand my knowledge with all the small details provided in this course. Highly recommend.

Tooth Gem Training
Olivia Rivas

Awesome training course!

This kit comes with all that is needed to start performing services. Totally recommend this one if you are interested in doing this service.

Hyaluron Pen Training
Yesenia Roman

Very easy and informative! I loved it!

I loved the course, planing to take more !

Tooth Gem Training
Prescilla Trenidad
Certified tooth gem technician fast and easy!

I loved how they added the history, I'm a tattoo artist who wanted to grow also in the tooth gems business l, I have always done it on the side for friends and now I have a more professional learning from it.

I loved this training! It was explained in detail and was very informative. I am loving learning with Luxe Beauty & Body! I’m certified in Ultrasonic cavitation and Radio frequency facials and now Microneedling.

Dermaplaning Training
Monica Donovan
Dermaplaning Class

I’ve been wanting to take a dermaplaning class but it never fit in with my work schedule! This was perfect! It was fully informative , I could complete it online during my downtime! I’ll definitely be signing up for more classes!!


I’ve tested many other teeth whitening gels, this is the only gel with 0 complains about sensitivity and compliments on rapid results in even just 20 minutes

Excellent Course. Highly recommend.

Excellent Course. Highly recommend.
I wish I could print off the course for review post class.

Cavitation & RF Training
Gabriela Valdez
Cavitation heaven

Absolutely love the course. Easy and soft pace to go with. Filled with alot of information and videos. Super good 10/10

Great training 💜

The course was designed perfectly for beginners an/or professionals in the body sculpting services. I will definitely continue with this company and pursue more courses.

Lash Lift and Tint Training

I really enjoyed this lash lift and tint training. It was filled with lots of information and helped grasp the history of lashes as well. Will definitely be taking more courses!

Wood Therapy Training
Schavaughtne Speed
Purchased Wood Therapy

Me and my mom purchased a course each loved how through the modules was learn at your own pace and fast response time to get your certification after before and afters sent in Will purchase more

amazing prouduct

I'm Being using this product for almost 3 years, I have 0 complain of sensitivity. Amazing results with all type of clients.