Teeth Whitening Starter
Teeth Whitening Starter
Teeth Whitening Starter
Teeth Whitening Starter

Teeth Whitening Starter

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The Luxe Teeth Whitening Kit removes all unwanted stains and makes your clients teeth crystal white without causing any discomfort - it's suitable even for sensitive teeth.

✔ WHITE TEETH IN 60 MINUTES - With just one 60 minute use, your client can achieve the perfect smile without going to the dentist and paying an arm and a leg. They will start noticing the change of their teeth's shade immediately!

✔ EASY TO USE - With our Luxe Teeth Whitening Kit, you can apply our PROVEN gel directly to their teeth without the need for expensive custom-fitted mouth trays!

✔ COMPLETELY DISCOMFORT FREE - The Teeth Whitening Kit will brighten their teeth without any pain or sensitivity while leaving them with stunning results! 


People all over the world have been going CRAZY about the Luxe Teeth Whitening Kit, but why? 

Imagine getting a celebrity white smile in a matter of 60 minutes and finally being able to smile with confidence. It’s is everything you need and nothing you don’t. 


To protect your clients gums from irritation when using our Luxe Glamour Teeth Whitening Gel, you’ll need our Gingival Barriers!

✔ SAFETY FIRST - Protect your clients gums and soft tissue when using our Teeth Whitening Gel!

✔ SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE - It’s not as hard as it looks! Our Gingival Barriers are completely safe and can be safely removed from their gums with ease. 

✔ PROACTIVE INSTEAD OF REACTIVE - It’s better to be proactive than reactive. Don’t let their gums suffer and let our Gingival Barriers protect those gums from harm’s way!


Our gingival barrier is made of a photosensitive resin material, which is why they come in a black syringe. When exposed to UV or blue LED light, the resin hardens, which is why it can protect the gums from the bleaching gel. Cool, right?

With the 3D Shade Guide, shade taking is no longer subjective. Shade determination using this tool simply involves a couple of steps that anyone can learn!

✔ 20 TOOTH COLOR GUIDES - Feel like a pro from the start with our 20 professional teeth whitening shade guides with laser engraved numbering.

✔ NO MORE GUESSING - With our 20 different tooth shades it allows you to accurately progress assessment of teeth whitening before and after bleaching. Amazing, right? 

 EASY TO USE -  With our 3D shade guide, you can EASILY track and compare the whitening effect with our laser engraved numbering and easy to read guides.

Take action and start your teeth whitening journey today! 


  • (5) 2 ml 16% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel 
  • (5) cheek retractor 
  • (5) finger wipe 
  • (5) dental bib 
  • (5) liquid vitamin-E swab
  • 10 syringes 1.5ML
  • (1) 3D Shade Guide

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